❇ YaelaTheWordsmith ❇

she/her, 20, writer, malayali desi, IST
perpetual haikyuu brainrot
always happy to make new fandom friends!

Haven't caught up with the manga because I'm still waiting for season 5

Been hyperfixated on Furudate's brainchild since 2017 and still can't rewatch it without getting emotional

I started a Discord server for desi HQ fans - if that's you, DM me for the invite!


Asahi, Kuroo, Daichi, Yamaguchi, Yachi, Tanaka, and I have a soft spot for most minor characters



KuroDai, Asahi multiships (except AsaNoya), captain ships, and assorted rarepairs


my life is 453945 unwritten AUs and counting, basically

i ended up posting the kurodai podfic! yay!!!!

I do commissions! You can find my guidelines and prices here :)

Completed comms include TanaNoya friends with benefits to lovers, KuroDai arranged marriage AU, and KuroDai college omegaverse AU

My Ko-fi is linked on the socials page - if you've found joy in what I write, please consider leaving a tip! ^.^
Drabbles can currently be requested there, and you can find the guidelines in my comm doc.
I plan to set up full commission options on Ko-fi sometime in August!

You can contact me on Twitter, Tumblr, or email me at [email protected]

My AO3 profile !

My Twitter activity is sporadic, consisting mostly of art/fic retweets, banners/promos for my own fics, and the occasional threadfic (and I just did a 100 followers giveaway!). I don't always follow back, simply because the content you're primarily interested in may not align with mine, but I deeply appreciate everyone who follows/likes/replies to my stuff!

I'm regularly on Tumblr, but I rarely promote there - it's just a quiet place for me to reblog art and memes :)

My Ko-fi is newly set up, and I'll be posting whenever I upload fics (both SFW and NSFW). Follow me there for updates about what I'm working on, my fic posts in chronological order, and just general yelling about writing struggles :')

I'm always open to DMs and making new friends, but if you're shy, feel free to hit me up on CuriousCat anytime about anything from ship headcanons to my taste in ice cream!

Any podfics I might do will go on SoundCloud. Again, updates will be put up on Ko-fi!